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Welcome to the new sound system.

Dear All,

Well, on Saturday 18th June 2016 at the showing of 'Bridge of Spies' we ran a film with our new sound system. This provided a crisper and (more importantly) much clearer sound to accompany the film. The things you pick up from the soundtrack are quite remarkable. Scraping of chairs & shoes on pavements as well as the ringing of telephones in adjoining rooms to name but a few. We had a bit of a glitch with the trailers, they were running on a different circuit to the film and the volume was insufficient and you couldn't really hear them. We have managed to sort-out this problem and they should run at normal sound levels on 30th July (Eddie the Eagle).

For the technically minded amongst you, the frequency ranges are easily adjusted so we should be able to boost bass, treble and mid-range frequencies to suit the DVD, whereas in the past we have been a bit more restricted.

The speakers themselves are also new and bump out 1000W each and are accompanied by a 1600W sub-woofer, which is something new for us to belt out the bass frequencies with. With 3.6 kW of speaker power we promise to (try to) leave the windows intact at Lopping Hall. Although, do you remember the motorbike crash in 'Lady in the Van'? - maybe I won't promise anything!!

Something we are really pleased about is the size & weight of the new gear. Everything is much smaller & lighter which should help with the set-up, dismantling & storage. The mixing deck itself is tiny, so more room on the projection table at the front. If you are interested in finding out what all the knobs & dials do, just pop over & have a chat before the film starts!

I'm looking forward to having another go with it all at Lopping Hall & hope you will join us on the 30th July for our last screening in our spring/summer season, which will be Eddie the Eagle.

Best wishes,



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Preparations for a screening

□ 1.) Erect the screen

□ 2.) Get all the equipment positioned. Speakers to either side of screen. Sub-woofer in the middle at the base of the screen. Sound deck, projector & Blu-ray on table.

□ 3.) Set the speaker stands to minimum height, with all 3 legs AND the central pole on the floor, mount the speakers then extend the stand upwards. There is no need to tighten the bolts to fix the legs to the speakers but take care not to push them apart.

□ 4.) Wire everything together according to the numbers on the leads & the various pieces of apparatus & attach the power leads.

□ 5.) Switch all the power on to everything, in any order, EXCEPT the sub-woofer.

□ 6.) Make sure the mixing deck is on but set to zero for all gain & volume* THEN switch on the sub-woofer: there will be a loud boom, expect this and, if possible, do it before the bulk of the audience arrives. Warn those present it is about to happen as it can startle people.

□ 6a.) If time permits, clear the feedback killer on the speakers by pressing the marked button. This is NOT essential & can be done (or not) anytime after this point.

□ 7.) Set the gain & volume* for the big speaker jacks & the gain for the microphone, but only set the microphone volume when in use, in which case, first zero the volumes of other equipment.

□ 8.) Load the Blu-ray & use the background music for the menu page to set initial sound levels, using gain & volume*. Set the 3 blue dials for the Blu-ray on the sound deck to vertical =12 o'clock =neutral.

□ 9.) Set the Blu-ray to play the film.

□ 10.) The 3 blue dials can be used to to boost bass, mid-range or treble, as you see fit depending on the DVD sound levels, but they only need very small adjustments eg. adjusting from 12 to 1 o'clock. You might also need to adjust the volume slightly as the film starts, but do this very gradually & very slowly – you have been warned!!

□ 11.) Finally,don't forget to enjoy the film!

This document WILL evolve so please scribble any suggestions / labeling issues anywhere on it or on the back or speak to Philip. Thanks.

*Note: Gain & volume. With gain high & volume low you can play distorted sounds (eg. with a fancy guitar) without annoying the neighbours. With gain low & volume high you get a loud sound but no distortion, which is more what we want for our films at FL!!


Equipment checklist





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Cable cover for floor





Mixing deck

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