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Film Loughton – Newsletter, January 2016

Dear Members,

First of all on behalf of the committee, I would like to wish you a very happy and healthy New Year and hope that you enjoy the film presentations we select for the forthcoming year. Our programme for the next few months is now becoming clearer, not least because we  have a release date for “The Lady in the Van”, which I know many of you want to see. As you are probably already aware, our first presentation for 2016 will be on Saturday 30 January at Lopping Hall, commencing at 8.00pm. The film to be shown is “Suffragette” which of course received great reviews; it is a dramatic and wonderfully acted production which pays tribute to the bravery and determination of the women’s suffrage movement and I hope you will be able to join us.

The film on the 30th will be preceded by our Annual General Meeting, which will commence at 7.30pm. At the meeting your committee will describe the progress made and the challenges we face and I hope as many members as possible can attend, as this is your Film Loughton and we want to hear your voice as we plan the way forward. Agendas and a statement of our financial position will of course be provided.We are making changes to the dates so far publicised for screenings during the first few months of this year. Firstly, we have decided that in view of the fact that “The Lady in the Van” is not going to be released to film societies until March, we have decided to move the screening scheduled for 27 February to Saturday 12 March at Lopping Hall and we will show “The Lady in the Van” then, the screening to commence at 7.30 pm as usual. Secondly, we have decided not to go ahead with the proposed screening for the 26th of March, as this is Easter Saturday and therefore it was felt that a significant number of members would not be able to attend on that day and that it would be difficult in any event to set up a screening, given the possible absence of committee members. Consequently we are currently seeking a Saturday in April to replace that date and we will keep you posted on developments.On the subject of film selection, I am going to raise the issue of future films at the AGM, as it has been apparent to committee members for some time that we do struggle to find films with a wide enough appeal to provide attendances which allow us to more than break even.  It’s obviously vital that we do have sound finances and this is doubly important in an environment where we need to be able to fund the replacement of old equipment, often bequeathed to us, with facilities which enhance the enjoyment of films, are easier to handle and are more robust in operation. In short, we will be making some perhaps more unorthodox suggestions, including classic films, for your consideration and hopefully, support.

Finally, a perhaps familiar appeal. We have lost no less than four committee members in the last year, which brings the committee down to 6 in number. If you feel you can make a contribution, please do consider joining us on the committee, or if not we are always in need of willing volunteers to assist in the task of setting up for screenings. If you would rather help in this latter capacity, then we would be delighted to see you at 6 to 6.30pm on a screening evening. If you want to know what might be involved, just ask a committee member.

We are looking forward to seeing you on the evening of the 30th of January and we hope that you continue to find your membership of Film Loughton enjoyable and worthwhile.

With best wishes

David Johnson

Chairman, Film Loughton


Film Loughton – Newsletter, Winter 2015.

We are now fast approaching the end of our 4th year of film presentations and we continue to enjoy quite good
support for our screenings, which as you know are based upon what audiences vote for. Whilst we have few screenings which attract large audiences, equally we have few where we make a loss and consequently our finances are now in a relatively good condition. 

However, as I have mentioned in earlier newsletters, we do depend on volunteers and our committee members to prepare the hall for screenings and to dismantle our equipment and put away chairs and tables afterwards. In particular we have found it difficult in recent times to undertake this work comfortably, especially as we have lost a total of 4 committee members this year. We do regret having to cancel the November screening and shift “Far from the Madding Crowd” to December the 12th, but the absence of key members of the committee on the 15th of November meant we had little choice.

We are very grateful that Phillip Beales has been willing and able to step into Jim Coombes’ shoes and provide us with the essential technical skills to run films and we are trying to provide for a wider base of expertise in this area. However, we remain critically short of committee members and volunteers and therefore would ask you to consider whether you can help in either role; you will certainly be most welcome. Please do not hesitate to talk to me or any other committee member about coming onto the committee, or simply about
volunteering to assist in preparing for screenings.

I am very pleased to announce the dates for the first three screenings of 2016, as follows:-
- Saturday,30 January 2016 at Lopping Hall, commencing at 8.00pm. This later starting time is to allow for the annual general meeting to be held at 7.30pm. Please regard this as your notice of the AGM.
- Saturday 27 February 2016 at Lopping Hall, commencing at 7.30pm
- Saturday 26 March 2016, again at Lopping Hall,commencing at 7.30pm.
These dates will be displayed on our website, together with a selection of trailers. We intend to select the film for January from the trailers shown on 12 December and these are likely to include “My Old Lady”, “Notebook” “Second Best Marigold Hotel” and “Big Eyes”.We have already earmarked “Lady in the Van” and “Suffragette”
for future screening, but both of these films are still on general release and it is unlikely that they will become available to film societies before February at the earliest. As soon as they do we will slot them into the programme for 2016.

We have looked carefully at the alternatives for screenings next year and have concluded that it would be better to concentrate our efforts, rather than trying to show a film every month. In doing so, we will reflect attendance patterns and take account of committee member and volunteer availability. Therefore we do not
intend to have a screening in April 2016, nor in August and we will review the position regarding December early in 2016.Just a reminder that we are showing “Far From the Madding Crowd at Lopping Hall on Saturday 12 December at 7.30pm and we look forward to seeing you then. 

Finally, I would, on behalf of your committee like to wish you a peaceful Christmas and a very happy and healthy new year.

David Johnson, Chairman.


Film Loughton Newsletter, August 2015.

As many of you will already be aware, we have been successful in obtaining the services of Phillip Beales as replacement for Jim Coombes, who is moving to Somerset. We are fortunate that Phillip has agreed to undertake the duties of technical director and that he has already proving to be very adept ; we have welcomed him onto the committee, initially on a co-opted basis and we are grateful that he has been willing and able to assume such a key role.

We have further good news in that it currently appears that the work pressures upon Deni have lessened somewhat and she is hopeful that she will continue to be able to undertake most of the considerable
workload she has been shouldering. However, we remain without a secretary (as we have been for most of Film Loughton’s existence) and there is a need for such a person to take some work off Deni and
even a little off myself. If you feel you can help by undertaking some duties, please do talk to either me or Deni; we would be delighted to hear from you.

In addition to Jim’s departure, we have also been advised that Steph and Phyl are moving away, as is Graham Barklem and we thank them all for their contributions to Film Loughton. This means that we will be seeking new committee members in October when the AGM is convened, so do have a think about whether you would like to join us.

In response to my plea in the April Newsletter and since, there has a very welcome increase in the number of volunteers turning up an hour and a half or so before screenings to help with preparations and we
thank them for this and very much hope they will be willing to continue; it really does make a great difference to be able to set up without undue stress.Onto the business end of Film Loughton, I am pleased to confirm that arising from audience voting on trailers, in addition to the screening of “Psycho” on Saturday 19 September at Lopping Hall, commencing at 7.30pm, we are arranging the rest of the autumn programme as follows;Saturday 17 October at Lopping Hall, commencing at 7.30, “Woman in Gold”, starring Helen Mirren.

Sunday 15 November at Loughton Club, at 7.30, “Far From the Madding Crowd”, starring Carrey Mulligan and Michael Sheen. I have seen this in the cinema and can thoroughly recommend it.

On the subject of film selection, we try to select trailers of films for your consideration which have not necessarily had much exposure on general release and are generally not franchise films (e.g. the
“Rocky” series) or epics dominated by special effects or CGI animation. However, this is your Film Loughton and if you have any suggestions re future screenings, please do not hesitate to talk to any committee member.

In conclusion, I hope that you enjoy a very happy, sunny and restful August and we look forward to seeing you next on Saturday the 19th of September for the screening of “Psycho”.

With best wishes,

David Johnson
Chairman, Film Loughton.

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