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Film Loughton Newsletter, January 2017.

Dear members,

First of all I hope that you had an enjoyable and peaceful Christmas and I would like to wish you, on behalf of your committee a very happy and peaceful New Year. Secondly, I must apologise for the long delay in drafting this letter, but I hope that the situation I outline below will explain why this delay has occurred.

The main issue in this newsletter is that for some time your committee has been concerned about the decreasing numbers attending screenings at Lopping Hall. We know of course that the film is primary reason you come, but we are also aware that although the Hall is in some ways an attractive venue, it does have drawbacks and these are most noticeable in colder weather, when the environment does not stay warm for very long.

The decline in attendance levels has been rapid in the past year; our first screening, “Suffragette”, attracted 90 people, but since then the average attendance has declined to about 30, which is not financially sustainable beyond the short term. Consequently we have been investigating the possibility of trying alternative venues and we have been impressed by both the facilities on offer at Loughton Methodist Church in the High Road at Loughton and by the positive response we have had to our enquiries about screening films there.
Therefore, as a first step, we have arranged to screen “ Bridget Jones’ Baby” at Loughton Methodist Church on Saturday 4 February 2017 at 7.45pm. The screening will be preceded by our Annual General Meeting, which will commence at 7.15 pm. There will be no licenced bar, but refreshments, including hot drinks, will be available. We are confident that this new venue will be comfortable and warm and I would ask that if at all possible, you attend both the AGM and stay to see an entertaining and witty comedy. It is our intention that following this first screening, we will book a further Saturday in March at Loughton Methodist Church to screen “Swallows and Amazons”, with hopefully another screening at the same venue on a Saturday in April. The website will be amended to reflect progress and we will have a further update to share with you at the AGM.

I must add that in order to function, Film Loughton needs to be supported by a proactive committee and a pool of willing volunteers to help set up screenings and close the venue when a screening is over. Some members of our small committee have now been serving for approaching 7 years and we are seeking at least one and preferably two new members. The work of the committee is interesting but not onerous; we meet formally only three or four times a year and if you think you would like to join us, please make yourself known to a committee member at the AGM. We also need more volunteers and again, if you would like to help, just let us know.
I do hope that you can join us on the 4th of February for what I am confident will be a comfortable and entertaining evening. A full agenda for the AGM will be on the website shortly. Finally, I do urge you to come to screenings as often as possible and to spread the word about Film Loughton to your friends & family, as we can only continue to function if we have the firm foundation of solid and tangible support.

With every good wish,

David Johnson
Chairman, Film Loughton

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